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Skill and Employment for Divyangjans

  • Special educators for teaching and training the handicapped
  • Vocational counselors, Employment officers, and Placement officers
  • Multi-purpose rehabilitation therapists and technicians
  • Rehabilitation psychologists

The Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992 The Act was created to provide for the constitution of the Rehabilitation Council of India for regulating training of the Rehabilitation Professional and maintaining of a Central Rehabilitation Register and for matters related to these issues.

The professionals who come under the purview of the Act are:
  • Audiologists and Speech therapists
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Hearing aid and Ear mould technicians
  • Rehabilitation engineers and technicians
  • Rehabilitation social workers
  • Rehabilitation practitioners in mental retardation
  • Orientation and mobility specialist
  • Community based rehabilitation professionals


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